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Evans Waterless Coolants

We are now the stockist of Evans waterless coolants, the fluid is a patented synthetic formulation which contains no water whatsoever. This eliminates any corrosion aspects caused by the inclusion of water in a cooling system, such as pitting caused by small steam bubbles present in hot spots in the combustion chamber. Also the system runs at virtually zero pressure because of the lack of steam generation, as oppose to that which occurs when using other standard 50/50 coolants and is therefore significantly more relaxed on the hoses, gaskets, seals and the entire system. This fluid will not boil, in turn eliminating any overheating issues allowing the engine to run comfortably at a slightly higher temperature increasing engine efficiency and performance. Because there is no water present, there is never any steam generated and therefore will never need topping up, also there is no water or vaporisation occurring to interfere with the inhibitors in the fluid and this means that the coolant will literally last the lifetime of an engine and will never need changing. The coolant is also completely non-toxic and is therefore more environmentally friendly and safer and easier to dispose of.

We have a few different products to cover the broad spectrum of motorists that can benefit from the waterless coolants.

VINTAGE COOL 180 for pre 1945 cars with an additional inhibitor protection for more yellow metals that are found in these vehicles such as brasses, coppers and occasional bronze castings.

POWER COOL 180 for high performance cars and race cars and also power cool for motorcycles of all types.

CLASSIC COOL 180 for post-1945 vehicles and can cover right up to modern day.

There is soon to be launched AUTO COOL 180 which will be generally marketed towards the modern day motorist.

We have prep fluid for classic and vintage and a prep fluid for power cool.

Prep fluid is a flushing fluid designed to extract all of the water left in the system after draining a vehicle of its current fluid. If you simply drop a bottom hose off to drain the system, you will never get rid of all the water left in the thermostats, heat matrixes and any shelving where water can get trapped.

You would only need to put in enough prep fluid in the system to be able to run the car up to temperature for around 20-25 minutes to allow the thermostat to open up. The prep fluid then absorbs the water that was remaining and pulls it out of the system, when you drain the fluid off you can strain it and put it in a sealed container and it can be used again the prep fluid can be used three times.

Price List

25lt 10lt 5lt 2lt
Vintage Cool £299.75 £124.90 £64.95 £29.95
Classic Cool £299.75 £124.90 £64.95 £29.95
Power Cool £299.75 £124.90 £64.95 £29.95
Prep Fluid £158.80 £79.90 £39.95 £15.99
Aero Cool £299.75 £124.90 £64.95 -

5L Aero cool
5L Prep fluid
500ml top up bottle
Rotax washer
Product leaflet/safety stickers £99.99

All prices are plus packaging and postage if postage is required

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